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Throughout her career as a fashion designer Jacqueline Hancher partnered bold designs with an equally audacious business sense to create and promote her collections.

Financing an exhibition space at Olympia before you've even graduated could be seen as a daring business decision. It paid off for the scottish born fashion designer who, at just 23, had secured £25,000 worth of orders and enough to start her own label in earnest not to mention second prize in BP's annual young business person of the year competition.

'Jacqueline Hancher' and it's menswear counterpart 'Hancher' developed a reputation for extravagant leather garments and pretty soon the stars were queing at her door to bag an original. During this period Jacqueline made clothes for Madonna, Cher, Billy Idol, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

Jacqueline Hancher went on to exhibit and sell clothes in London, New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

Photo by Iain McKell.

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